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This year (2015) will be our 4th year in a row that at least 1 of my girls have been at Tiny Towne and my only regret its that I didn’t have our older son at this preschool. My husband and I absolutely love how organized they are and that they not only nurture and help get kids ready for kindergarten but they really treat them as if they are one of their own. Our girls get excited every day thats a preschool day and talk endlessly about their teachers and friends they have made there. Tiny Towne has so many little extra things that I think many other preschools don’t bother with like Christmas concerts, gym days, Mothers and Fathers day events, a mini library with books the kids can take home and real caterpillars that the kids can watch turn into butterflies in the Spring. They are very creative with ways to teach the kids the basics of ABC’s and other skills while keeping their learning interesting and fun. I will be really sad at the end of this year when it comes time to say goodbye to the amazing staff and teachers at this school - they have become part of our family!
— Sarah
I really like how Tiny Towne Schoolhouse combines the 3 and 4 year old age groups within each classroom. As a three year old my daughter benefited greatly watching and learning from the older children in her class. They set the example and gave her a great role model to encourage her growth in the Tiny Towne classroom. As a four year old student she was able to find herself on the other side of this coin, realizing that little kids looked up to her and relied on her for support and encouragement. She learned compassion and empathy, two very important life skills that are not easily taught.
— Kristin