Our Tiny Towne Schoolhouse Coordinators have been fascinated with the Reggio Approach, and after numerous years of studying the approach, were fortunate to attend an in-depth study group in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in October of 2009. After experiencing first hand, the magical community of Reggio and their love for children, the Coordinators brought back that inspiration for the children and the teachers at Tiny Towne Schoolhouse.

We believe that it is essential for all children to have a “voice” with respect to the direction of their learning. Our teachers are co-learners and collaborators who facilitate learning by planning activities based on the interests of the children. We believe that family and community are a vital component of the program as partners, collaborators and advocates.  We offer a variety of community partners for the children at Tiny Towne Schoolhouse.

What children learn does not follow as an automatic result from what is taught, rather, it is in large part due to the children’s own doing, as a consequence of their activities and our resources.

 -Loris Malaguzzi 



We are inspired by the program created by Reggio Emilia of Italy.

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